Mission & Vision

We aim to build a sustainable business by connecting communities to healthy, locally produced food; taking care of our planet; and by making farming fun again.

We believe urban agriculture is the key to a sustainable city. Our vision is to create resilient, local ecosystems that produce fresh, flavorful food in cities to build stronger communities.

Fresh Premium Produce

Because Comcrop herbs and vegetables are grown right here in Singapore, they are delivered the same day they’re harvested. This means delicious, fresh, flavorful produce that has a longer shelf life. We’ve had top Singaporean chefs compliment the texture and flavor of our produce – try it yourself and taste the difference!

Sustainably Farmed

All of our vegetables and herbs are grown without pesticides or herbicides. Our methods greatly reduce the amount of water, land and chemicals that would be used in producing the same amount of produce conventionally. Growing local also means less impact on the environment from transporting food long distances, and reduced food wastage along the way.

Community Engagement

We’re committed to giving back. We engage members of the elderly and differently abled populations so that they can make a meaningful contribution and have fun through farming. For example our partnership with MINDS (Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore) that trains individuals to help with plant germination.

Grown Locally

Singapore imports more than 98% of its fresh produce. This means that we’re increasingly disconnected to our food. We’re working with the community so that they can see exactly how their food is grown and learn more about farming. We’re dedicated to making our city’s food system more resilient by introducing new highly productive modes of urban agriculture.


Niya Gupta
Chief Executive Officer


Comcrop is trying to solve a really big real world problem – how we get our food sustainably in cities

After a decade working in agribusiness, I'm excited to be tackling these issues head on. I'm also proud that we're doing it in a way that cares for the community and the environment.

Samantha Chin
Farm Operations Manager


Farming on rooftops has so much potential and I believe it is the future of agriculture in Singapore

Always having being involved with food, I am glad to reconnect back to our source of food through farming and emphasizing the importance of alternative agriculture.

Darren Tan
Sales & Outreach Manager


Keep your friends close and your farmer closer

Everyone and everything has the capacity to grow. The difference is growing well. And what makes this difference is knowledge. The moment we stop learning, we stop living to our fullest potential.

Board of Directors

Keith Loh

Urban farming is about taking action and being causal in the matter of living better not just for ourselves, our children, but also for our community"

Allan Lim

We want to grow farms that interweave our business with our social impact. Our relentless endeavors give me hope that Comcrop will be a viable solution to the future of us"

Cham Lark Ang

Knowing where our food comes from and being part of a team that seeks to ensure that we create a sustainable form of farming in an urban setting is what got me excited about Comcrop"

Get Involved

There are 3 ways to get involved


We offer corporate and school tours in farming and hydroponics For more information, contact us at dtan@comcrop.com

Farm Tours

Every First Saturday of the month From 1030-12pm For up to date information, check out our facebook page (top right hand corner of this site)


If you would like to be a regular volunteer, Please contact us at niya@comcrop.com


“We want to be able to tell a story to our customers about where our produce comes from. Here we know the farm, we know Comcrop”

― Martin Satow, Chef at Grand Hyatt and Comcrop customer

“The peppermint looks great and is doing a magical job for our drinks!”

― Leo Chewy, Bartender at Skinny’s Lounge and Comcrop customer 

“We want people to ask questions about the source of their food, we have started a movement that believes it is a basic human right to truly eat well.”

― Adrien Desbaillets, Co-founder and Director of SaladStop! and Comcrop customer

Wasabi Greens

Wood Sorrel

Ghost Peppers

Sweet Basil


Serrata Basil



For more information, contact sales@comcrop.com

For Enquiries

Please email Niya@Comcrop.com to find out more.